Altar Boys


St. Haralambos Acolyte League of St Andrew Greek Orthodox Church

The Holy Altar of our Church represents the throne of God. The acolytes, in assisting the priest in our Divine Services, represent the angels serving our Father in Heaven. Fr. John uses this relationship between the role of the angels in Heaven and the role of the acolytes at the Holy Altar as a framework to educate our young men in the faith. At St. Andrew, boys who are 8 years or older are welcome to participate in this important ministry.

Holy Miracle- Worker, St. Haralambos, the Priest-Martyr was selected as the patron of St Andrew’s acolyte program. The acolytes become members of the St. Haralambos Acolyte League. This effort is not meant to substitute for their regular Catechetical School classes, but the program is meant to challenge them in a slightly different way, taking into consideration the privilege of serving at the Holy Altar.

The are nine levels of tasks representing the nine ranks of angels whom God grouped into three choirs. Here they are from those closest to the Throne of God to those who dwell furthest from His throne:
1. Seraphim, Cherubim, and Thrones
2. Dominions, Virtues, and Powers
3. Principalities, Archangels, and Angels.

Each acolyte needs to pass each level, before advancing to the next level. The success rate, in addition to the age of the acolyte, will help Fr. John Kalomas make decisions regarding Altar assignments. Our hope is that every boy tries his best to accomplish the tasks required.

Contact us at or 773.334.4515 for more information on the St. Haralambos Acolyte League of St Andrew Greek Orthodox Church.

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