Pastoral Care Ministry

The priests, staff, and laity provide a network of care to support individuals and families in times of need and crisis.  The need for pastoral care is usually prompted by an unexpected event:  a death in the family, a serious medical diagnosis, relationship difficulties, etc.

Questions you may have about Pastoral Care:

How can I let the church know I need assistance?
Call and let the priest and/or church staff know about your need.  Confidentiality is always honored.  Since hospitals are no longer permitted to notify churches automatically when stewards become patients there, please call the church office or ask a family member, friend, or the hospital to do so and let us know you are in the hospital.  When we learn that you have entered the hospital, the priest will visit you.  Shut-ins and those who are in nursing homes need to inform the church office so we can have them on our visitation lists.

If you would like to be on the prayer list in the Sunday Bulletin, just call the church office and inform us.

Due to the confidentiality rules, no visits will take place unless requested by the family.  Since we also don't have crystal balls, you need to inform the church office for visitation of all loved ones.