Spiritual Reading Group

We thank Presbytera Nicole for her work in leading the Spiritual Reading Group and look forward to announcing our next book and meeting schedule soon.
This is great opportunity to get together and reflect upon simple yet spiritually insightful books! 
The last session we read "Beginning to Pray" by Metropolitan Anthony Bloom.
In case you missed our meeting, here's a brief recap:
We discussed the rest of the introduction to Beginning to Pray today. The introduction addresses many things from Metropolitan Bloom's bout of atheism (and his journey back to faith), his special relationship with his parents, his movement throughout Europe, and even his experience of living both as a monk and doctor.
We especially focused on page 14. The interviewer asked a simple question about what it was like to live in England before knowing English. Metropolitan Bloom deeply explained how he is able to be engrossed in a situation but remain uninvolved. Taking this to mean that, like us, he had various joys and struggles in life, we were struck that his faith allowed him to trust in God in all things. He went much deeper than just answering the initial question by saying that being connected with God creates communication that surpasses language because it allows us to "really meet one another."
We went on to discuss how all of us are in various situations, but we are not our situations. Faith in God, and being able to detach from a certain moment (whether good or bad), takes us to a deeper level of existence.