Sunday School


Sunday School

The Sunday Church School program begins at 9:30 a.m. with Family Worship at Divine Liturgy.
Classes begin at after Holy Communion and are dismissed at 12:00PM.
This program is designed to give students an awareness of the Orthodox way of life.

Nursery (2 year olds)- Loving God
Pre-Kindergarten (3 year olds) - God Made Everything
Junior Kindergarten (4 year olds)- Reaching for Jesus
Kindergarten (5 year olds)- What We See and Do in Church
1st  Grade - Me and My World
2nd Grade - Loving God
3rd and 4th Grades - Sharing God's World and Growing with God
5th and 6th Grades - God Calls Us
7th and 8th Grades - Miracles and Parables, History of the Church
High School - Orthodox Theology, Comparative Religions, Christian Social Ethics

Calendar of Events 2017

September 10, 2017                First Day of Sunday Church School and
                                             Agiasmos Service, B
ack to School BBQ,
                                             Parent Meeting and Ministry Fair

September 18, 2017                Parent/Clergy/Staff Meeting

October 7, 2017                      IOCC Walkathon

October 22, 2017                    Inclusion Sunday

November 12, 2017                 Godparent Sunday

December 16, 2017                 Christmas Pageant Dress Rehearsal (1st-12th Grades)

December 17, 2017                 Christmas Pageant

December 24-31, 2017            Christmas Break - No School



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